Frequently asked questions about our Control Systems:

Question: Is the Control System available for my car?
Antswer: At the moment the Control Systems has been successfully tested on various models. If your car model is not listed at the product site please contact us.
We are able to produce Control Systems for the most Audi/VW-Models with exhaust flap.

Note: The Control Systems for pressure flaps does not fit for the newer car models with electrical flaps. If you have a car with electrical flap (for example Audi S1 /  Audi 8V S3/RS3 / Audi 4G RS6 / Audi TT/TTS / VW Golf 7 R) you have to use our Control System for electrical flap.

Question: Can i install the Control System by myself or should i go to the garage for installation?
Answer: You get an illustrated Installation manual for the Control System, with this manual nearly everyone should be able to install the Control System. If you are unsure about the installation, you can also visit a garage. The Installation manual is available on the product detail site.

Question: What will happen if i turn off the engine?
Answer: This is at every car different, some cars will reset the Control System in the Start-Mode within a few minutes. Other cars will not reset the Control System in Start-Mode for hours. If you choose the Valve Control 1 (for presure flap) or Valve Control 2 (for electrical flap) the Control System will automatically reset to the Start-Mode when the engine is turning off.

Question: How exactly does the remote control work?
Answer: You can switch the Control System via the buttons of the remote control (2 or 4 buttons). You can see the exactly function for each button on the product detail site.

Question: For what do i need the reset-button at the Control System Version 3?
Answer: After switching a few times between "Original Mode" and "flap permanently opened" maybe you do not longer remember which mode in the Control System is actually active. With the reset-button you can be sure that the Control System is now in "Original Mode". This function is very practically for police checks or vehicle inspektion.

Question: I installed the Control System but it seems not to work, i can not hear any difference?
Answer: In standing is the flap at most car models is (also in Original Mode) opened, so there is no difference at the sound when you witch the Control System to "flap permanently opened". For a correct test drive you car between 50-60km/h (or between 3.000 and 4000 1/min). At this speed the ECU will close the flap in Original Mode and you can hear a difference afte switching to "flap permanently opened".