Control via switch for pressure flaps

Our Control System via switch is available in the following versions:

Valve Control Kit: Original-Mode + Flap permanently opened

Now you can order the Valve Control Kit including the 6 meters connection calbe for an extra charge of 5€.
Choose the option in the product details of the Valve Control Kit.

We recommend to use the switch from for Golf 6 R, Scirocco R and Golf 5 R32 (Position: center oder right - lighting color: red):
Switch Valve Control Kit for VW Golf 6 R and R32


Our Control System is plug + play, so you can remove it at a later time without leaving traces.

The Control System is without certificate. The use/installation is at your own risk, no liability can be accepted for damages!

At the moment it is not possbile to order any switch at, but you can use any normal 2-way-switch as well for this kit.

Our customer told us that this kit from USA is also working with our Valve Control Kit:

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